Athens Card - Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Athens Card Valid?

The Athens Card is Valid for the month you tell us you need it for when you purchase your card. However, the public Transport ticket is valid for 5 days after your first journey.

How do I get the Athens card?

You can buy them here.

What is included in the Athens Card?

You can see all the basic services included in the Athens Card here.

Don’t forget to check out the additional exclusive discounts available for Athens Card Holders Here!

If You could not find the answer to your Questions above, please go here and send us an email and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible!

How Big is the discount I get?

By using the Athens card your discount is over 35% for the services included in the card, and additionally you get 10%- 60% from the various businesses that are offering special discounts for Athens Card Holders!

Can I get The Card Cheaper if I don’t Use any of the Services included?

Unfortunately the Athens card is sold as is, and we can not give any partial refunds or discounts for services not used. However, if you are staying in athens for longer than 48 hours, chances are the Athens Card will save you money even if you don’t have time for every tour and museum included

Oops! Change of Plans.. I can Not come to Athens after all.Can I cancel My Athens Card?

Yes, In case you can not travel to Athens we will refund your purchase Up till 48 Hours before the date of arrival – 30 € per card processing & handling fees for Gold and Silver Cards, and 8 € per card for Bronze cards.In case you have to cancel later, we can unfortunately not make any refunds.

Are there any senior and / or child discounts for the Athens Card?

Yes, we have a  substantial discount for children and juniors (12-17) you can see the prices on the Buy your Athens Card Today Page! unfortunately we cannot offer a senior discount at this time, but we are working on it.