Athens Card - What Others Are Saying..

It was a great experience, especially the personal service!

Usually when you buy something online you pay and that´s it.

Not so with you (the Athens Card) we loved how warm and personal your service was!

Bought the Gold Card in July 2017

Rodolphe from France

I liked the bronze card, wish I would stay longer in Athens and buy the gold one 🙂

Bought the Bronze card in September 2017

Sharon from the United Kingdom

I liked that I Avoided the Line at the acropolis museum (for the ticket office)since I Had a Ticket already!

Bought the bronze card in June 2017

Mukund from India

Me and my family really enjoyed the Athens Gold card. Especially when Kostas Visited us at our hotel , Bringing the cards and making sure we understood how to make the most of our cards and our visit to Athens!

Bought the Gold Card in June 2017


Asokan from the United Kingdom

It was a wonderful trip, we really enjoyed our stay in Athens.

Your contribution to this feeling is double.

First your efforts in  to help with delivering the cards-aren’t taken for granted,

Second – The Opportunities the card had opened for us were a good taste of Athens and of Greece.

The Cruise was amazing – No one should miss it!

The Dinner was also very good, but the adress wasn’t very clear.. took a while to find the restaurant.




Bought the Gold Card in December 2017


Arthur From Israel

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